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Service, Parts & Accessories Sessions at Dealer Week!

Addressing your service department challenges is important for you to continue to succeed in 2022. Attend Dealer Week to gain access to the following educational sessions and more:

1. Update Your Service & Parts Playbook for 2022 with Valerie Ziebron, VRZ Consulting

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the best managers and advisors think about service and parts challenges;

  • Learn what tools leading service and parts professionals depend on to keep themselves on track;

  • Discover what you can do personally to achieve your goals in a challenging market.

2. Too Much _____ + Not Enough _____ = Service Stress with Jordon Schoolmeester, Garage Composites

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the role attitude plays in profitability;

  • Grasp how imperative communication is and how to calculate for it;

  • Know what it takes to become an organization where talent finds you.

3. Design Your Way to More Parts & Accessories Revenue With Brett Beaudette

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover techniques and concepts to create experiential and immersive retail environments;

  • Understand how to design a positive first impression and increase sales within your service, parts and accessories departments;

  • Discover display & cross-merchandising techniques proven to improve sales;

  • And gain creative ideas for promotions and events to draw activity and traffic to your location.

4. Super Service to the Rescue! With John Greene

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the role service plays in keeping new boaters engaged;

  • Understand how your service department can set the stage for more preowned inventory;

  • Learn the advantage of marketing your service team and their skills;

  • And know what "absorption" means and how it's calculated.

5. Develop Marketing & Growth Plans for Your Parts Department With Sara Hey

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to determine if you're appropriately staffed in parts;

  • Gain specific strategies to grow your parts department;

  • And develop a marketing plan that produces results.

This list is only a portion of the courses offered at Dealer Week, and the beauty of the three-day conference is that you have the freedom to choose whichever pathway session you want to attend at any given time. There are two other Pathways with 12 more sessions, plus 9 Online Workshops you’ll gain access to if you register for in person or online only.

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