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Shine a Light in Your Dealership's Dark Spaces

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

COVID-19 forced change in most of your businesses this past spring. It highlighted areas within the dealership needing attention … the dark spaces. No longer were the words, “I’ll get to that eventually” acceptable. To survive, many of you rushed to implement new standards, finally adjusting to the customer’s way of shopping. The phrases “Omni-Channel” and “Blended Retail,” which have been in our magazines and mindshare for years, are now becoming a reality for most marine businesses. But we’re far from mastering these new standards, and the customer’s way of shopping continues to change. The goal is to be ready and able to meet the customer where they are, literally. Let them shop the way they want to, not necessarily the way that’s most convenient for us. To do this, we must change our business models for the better, investing in some areas, pulling back in others. And we must ensure our structure is nimble, built to flex as the market and customer evolves.


When: Dec. 8, 2:00 PM, CST

Where: Online in your dealership

Expert: Sam Dantlzer, Wheelhouse College

Who: Dealership Owners & Managers

In this session, Sam Dantzler will walk you through a litany of dealership best practices that will set your dealership above the fray for 2021 and on the path to mastery.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to structure your business for customer experience and profit in a post-COVID world;

  • Learn where to invest your resources and time to maximize the 2021 season;

  • And walk away with a list of action items to implement.

Register for Dealer Week to attend this session! Once registered, watch Sam's preview webinar to assess where your dark spaces are in your dealership. All sessions are available to registrants until March 31, 2021.

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