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Still not convinced you'll register for Dealer Week?

Maybe you’re one of those dealers that’s never attended MRAA’s annual conference, but have always wanted to. Or maybe you’re that one who always attends but you aren’t quite sure what you could possibly get out of a virtual event.

No matter, here are 7 things to consider about Dealer Week before it launches next week:

1. Experience what it’s all about. If you’ve always been curious about what happens at Dealer Week and how it could help you, this is THE YEAR to attend. The cost has never been lower. ($299 for members, $399 for non-members) The access has never been easier. The potential ROI, never higher.

2. Maximize your ROI. In a year when MRAA found itself cutting expenses everywhere, the ONE line item that was off the table for cut backs? Dealer Week’s educational line-up. In fact, we’ve invested more in our courses than ever before because we know the 2021 market place will be unlike any year prior. You need to be ready. Our courses will help.

3. It's not just another Zoom meeting. Dealer Week will NOT be just another webinar or Zoom meeting. Dealer Week will break through the clutter with a highly orchestrated educational experience unlike anything you’ve seen to date. Courses to learn from. Q&As to gain deeper insights. Round table discussions to talk with dealers. Chats to discuss takeaways. Video chats with exhibitors and other attendees. And each day, both a warm-up to help you prepare and a cool-down to help you synthesize what you learned. Through it all, Thought Leadership presentations to challenge your thinking.

4. Something for everyone. No boat shows, little to no inventory, high consumer demand … 2021 will challenge your team in all new ways. Dealer Week offers something for everyone in your dealership to help you navigate the year ahead.

5. 2020 Changed Everyone. In 2020, every business in the marine industry supply chain had to adapt. This reality surfaced many new products and services throughout the year, and through the Dealer Week Product Showcase and Exhibit Spaces, you can find those that can help you the most in the year ahead. This is the No. 1 directory for dealer-focused products and services. Check it out once you’ve registered.

6. Think you’re too busy? In normal times, when you have to commit to a flight and a few days out of the store, one could understand how your schedule could prevent you from attending Dealer Week. But with the virtual nature of this program, it means you can “attend” and watch the courses at your leisure — all the way through the end of March. Attend as much as you can live so you can participate in the chats and ask questions of our experts, but catch up on all you missed at a later date.

7. Or your money back! If you’re still not convinced, here’s MRAA’s promise: If you attend this event and do not learn anything you can implement, we will refund your registration fee.

2021 is poised to be another unpredictable year for the marine industry. Give Dealer Week the opportunity to help you chart your course through. Get registered today.

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