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The Answers You Need: Only at Dealer Week

The changing marketplace requires new talent, new skills and new tactics. Dealer Week will help you create the discipline your dealership needs.

After two years of pandemic-fueled demand, you can feel that business is beginning to change. Leads are slowing. Customers are harder to please. Sales are more difficult to close.

Welcome to the post-pandemic market place — an all-new business landscape with new rules that will necessitate new talent and new skills, just to achieve the same old results.

But you don’t want the same old results. You want to grow your business, build a stronger customer base, deliver better service, and make more money.

Finding that type of success for your dealership in the 2023 boat business will require better preparation, more adaptability and better execution on both the fundamentals of dealership operations and the latest strategies you need to meet the demands of tomorrow’s market place.

To learn the latest strategies, best practices, expert insights and to hear how other dealers are adjusting, there’s only place for you to turn: MRAA’s Dealer Week Conference & Expo.

At Dealer Week, you will learn how to instill discipline into your dealership. Discipline that will help you persevere amidst continued disruption. Dealer Week will be held Dec. 5-8, 2022 in Austin, Texas.

Through the industry’s leading educational program, Dealer Week will deliver you critical insights, trends and tactics that will help you thrive in 2023. With more than 20 educational sessions, Dealer Week’s content will help you fine tune your Leadership and Management skills, your Sales and Marketing tactics; and your Service and Parts business. It’s your one-stop opportunity to prepare for the year ahead.

Dealer Week also features more than 100 exhibiting manufacturers, suppliers and service providers whose products and services can help you develop greater efficiencies and stronger profits and keep your dealership on the leading edge in your market place. The Dealer Week Expo Hall features boat builders, engine manufacturers, technology providers, financing and insurance options, parts and accessory manufacturers, service providers and more.

Many dealers find great value in the one-to-one networking opportunities Dealer Week offers, where you can learn how other dealers are adjusting to the changing market place. No other event attracts as many dealers from as many diverse markets, backgrounds and experiences than Dealer Week. Along with dealer roundtables, there are ample networking events where you can learn from other dealers throughout Dealer Week.

Dealer Week was created to deliver you and your team the critical insights, trends and strategies to help you thrive in the year ahead. The event’s robust programming and content have been designed to meet you where you’re at and provide implementable tools and resources for dealerships of all sizes.

"In some of the group sessions, sitting next to the larger dealers, you realize that you're both facing the exact same issues." - Dan Orchard, C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd.

The team at MRAA uses insights from dealers to build an event that is guided and approved by dealers and has been rated every year, by dealers, with world class Net Promoter scores. And at Dealer Week, we GUARANTEE you’ll return to your dealership with ideas and tools you can implement, or we’ll refund your registration fee.

As you prepare your business for the post-pandemic era, and striving for new goals, it’s critical that you have access to the education, the partners and the insights you need to find success. Dealer Week 2022 will help you achieve the results you desire.

Register today and join us at Dealer Week this December. And don’t forget, MRAA members can save up to $900 when registering for both the in-person and online event.

About the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas At the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, we believe that for the marine industry to thrive, the retail organizations that interact with the boaters in their community must thrive. With that in mind, MRAA works to create a strong and healthy boating industry by uniting those retailers, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. For more information, visit or contact us at 763-315-8043.

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