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The Certification Experience at Dealer Week

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program, the pinnacle of dealer success offerings from the MRAA, has a wide lineup of events at Dealer Week that will offer benefits to already-Certified Dealers, while also giving unique opportunities to those interested in becoming Certified.

  • Meet the Consultants — MRAA’s Certification Consultants have decades of experience in the industry, and they’re going to be based at the MRAA Solutions Center, ready to offer advice and insight. Meet Bob McCann (upper left) and Rallee Chupich (upper right) and pick their respective brains about the challenges your dealership is facing.

  • Schedule Your Discovery — When dealers sign up for Dealership Certification, the first step is to have a discovery call with their Certification Consultant. Typically, this is done via phone or video call, but Dealer Week offers a unique opportunity to have your discovery meeting in person with your consultant. Sign up for Certification before or during Dealer Week to schedule your in-person meeting with Bob or Rallee.

  • Earn 2022 Continuous Certification Credits — The Continuous Certification program is based on dealers consistently using education to improve their stores. At 2021 Dealer Week (in person and online), Certified Dealers can earn credit for two of their four 2022 Continuous Certification courses by attending one of two classes in each topic area: Parts & Accessories and Sales.

The Parts & Accessories courses eligible for 2022 Continuous Certification credit are: Design Your Way to More Parts & Accessories Revenue with Brett Beaudette, and Develop Marketing & Growth Plans for your Parts Department with Sara Hey.

For Sales, you can attend: How to Seek and Sell More Pre-Owned Units Profitability with Tony Gonzalez, or Improve Productivity by Focusing on the Customer Interview with Bob McCann. Be sure to complete a Commitment to Improvement form for each of those two classes to earn your full credit for those sessions. The Commitment to Improvement can be completed online, or on-site at Dealer Week in Austin.

  • Enjoy VIP Status at the Gold Member Event — Gold MRAA Members are invited to a special Q&A session with keynote speakers Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick after their presentation. Gold Members will gather at 11 a.m. to ask Chester and Adrian follow-up questions from their keynote “Build Resilience in Uncertain Times.” Bob and Rallee will also be on hand to answer any questions Gold Member dealers may have. Gold MRAA Membership is only available to Certified Dealers.

  • Celebrate the Great Dealerships to Work For — The morning of Thursday, Dec. 9 is a time to celebrate, as the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program will honor the 2021 Great Dealerships to Work For.

These winners are Certified Dealers who participate in the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey and earn an overall score of 90 percent or better. We’ll be honoring 21 Great Dealerships to Work For at Dealer Week in Austin and Dealer Week Online.

To learn more about what it takes to become a Certified Dealer, watch this series on the MRAA YouTube page or contact

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