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The Dealer Week numbers that really matter.

Most of the time, event success is measured by metrics. The number of attendees. The number of exhibitors. The number of products sold, connections made, etc.

From start to finish, however, MRAA’s Dealer Week was designed to be different. Metrics? Sure they’re important. But for Dealer Week to work, we needed to create a memorable, rewarding and impactful experience. And while our entire team is proud of the metrics Dealer Week achieved, we’re most proud of the palpable energy and enthusiasm with which our guests experienced this event.

From Sunday night’s opening reception, where so many people prematurely (we felt) congratulated us for an incredible event, through the expo hall and educational programming, and into Tuesday evening’s party, and culminating with a high-energy closing ceremony, Dealer Week delivered.

Here is Dealer Week's closing presentation, drummer and inspirational speaker Clint Pulver.

Memorable? Consider the numerous “a-ha” moments experienced by attendees, where Dealer Week helped to solve pain points and provided new opportunities. Or think of the inspiration it provided in the form of a simple Commitment to Improvement form or an inspirational story shared with the energy of a rock concert.

Rewarding? Well, speaking of concerts, it’s our opinion that there’s no better way to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of this great industry of ours than with an industry party. On the Riverwalk. With a live band! Pat yourself on the back for the incredible year you had … but more importantly, for investing in your future.

The Dealer Week Industry Celebration that took place on Tuesday night.

Impactful? Frankly, this is what Dealer Week is all about … the impact that our educational programming, our expo hall filled with business solutions, and the incredible networking opportunities afford you and your business. The Dealer Week experience means nothing without a positive impact on your business.

From start to finish, Dealer Week delivered impact. Several 10x10s challenged new thinking. A steady stream of educational insights enlightened us to new strategies, best practices and all-new approaches to age-old problems. And partnerships forged in the expo hall and in networking events will resonate for years to come.

Metrics? One new idea, one new relationship, one new tool or resource. Dealer Week delivered it all. One dealer at a time.

-Matt Gruhn


The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas

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