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Three more courses available now on the topics: Culture, Intrapreneurship, and Repair Cycle Time

Three more courses were released on and this time, we’re talking about your company culture, intrapreneurship within your company culture and how to improve your repair cycle time in your Service Department.

1. WHY "Create a Culture that Delivers." Last week we asked dealers what they would do differently if they started their business over again. And so far, majority of the responses were about building a team and a focus on their company culture. It’s so important in hiring and keeping good people. Learn from Tony Gonzales of Garage Composites on how you can build a better culture in your own dealership.


2. WHY "Intrapreneurship?" Well first, we should learn what intrapreneurship is. There are always go-getters in companies who push the status quo to become champions of your brand. Intrapreneurship is creating and harnessing this culture to better service your clients and retain your team. You can join Samantha Cunningham-Zawilinski to explore what this looks like in your own business.


3. WHY "Improve Repair Cycle Time." The "why" in taking this course seems obvious, but how much time and money are you wasting with an inefficient Service Department? Valerie Ziebron and Carrie Stacey not only lead us through the how tos to improve the processes you have in place in your Service Department. And Valerie also provided dealers with this free follow-up resource and it answers all the dealer questions asked in the session.


These courses are available for no additional cost to MRAA Silver and Gold members, and Bronze have access by purchasing A La Carte. For more information, visit

If you attended one of these three courses while at Dealer Week this past December, leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway!

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