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Three things you'll need to register for Dealer Week

Hey Dealers!

Registration is about to launch (July 15), and we are READY! Being prepared ensures you get the best possible pricing when registration opens on July 15. Here’s quick cheat sheet of the things you’ll need so you can get ready.

What you’ll want to have ready when you register:

  • Ensure your membership is up to date. MRAA members pay $200 less than non-members. That means if you register two or more people, you’ve already saved the price of Bronze Membership. It’s a no brainer! If you aren’t a member, or have let your membership lapse, renew or join today. Unsure what your status is? Email Sherri to find out.

  • Have your credit card ready. We’ve gone paperless so please have your card ready at check out. If you must pay by check, please connect with Michele before registering.

  • Collect contact information for everyone you’re registering. You’ll need first and last names, titles, emergency contact information and UNIQUE emails for everyone you’re registering. These are required.

Having this information at the ready when registration launches will make registering easy. If you have any questions, reach out to anyone at MRAA and we’ll be happy to assist.

See you in Austin!

Sarah Korbel Events & Operations Specialist

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