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We're headed to the LIVE music capitol of the world!

Feel like déjà vu? Kind of. We just couldn’t imagine not experiencing Austin, Texas with you all, so we decided to try again for this December 6-9, 2021.

Austin offers so much opportunity for this year and we can’t wait to see you all there. Here are just a few reasons why Austin is a great option to meet again in person, this December:

A picture of the outside of the Austin Convention Center in Austin Texas, where Dealer Week 2021 will take place.
The Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas

1. Ample amounts of space. We have the ENTIRE first floor Austin Convention Center. You heard that right! This gives us so much room to spread out and offer a great “back in person” experience in 2021.

Image of the outside of the host hotel for Dealer Week, the Fairmont Austin.
The host hotel for Dealer Week.

2. Dealer Week is walking distance from the host hotel, the Fairmont Austin. It’s super accessible to get to the Austin Convention Center from our host hotel. Plus, if you’ve never stayed in the Fairmont Austin, it’s pretty neat. Check out this video, as MRAA’s Events and Operations Specialist, Sarah gives you the lay of the land.

3. Good vibes. Because that’s all we can hope for after the year we’ve had. Not only will it be awesome to reconnect with your industry peers and meet new people, but Austin is the LIVE Music Capitol of the World, so you bet we’ll be sprinkling as much of that into the conference as possible.

4. FUN. Because what’s a 3-day educational conference without a little fun right?! Austin has some awesome restaurants and live music venues, so we’re going to take full advantage and encourage you to as well. *Spoiler: our Industry Party is HERE.

A water view of the Austin skyline with a man paddling with a dog and boat in the background.
View of the Austin Skyline.

What are you most excited for this year? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information as we have it!

If you’re a manufacturer, supplier or service provider, you can register now. Dealers, save the date for registration to open in July!

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