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Who is Dealer Week for?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Who was Dealer Week created for? Well, if you work in or around a marine dealership, marina or service center ... If you’re in sales, service, marketing or management at a marine dealership ... Basically, if you’re involved in the marine industry, you should be there!

There are many reasons why, but today I’ll focus on a rigorous and thorough presentation of data-driven statistics gathered while producing a conference for 30-plus years; and a detailed recounting of the relevant facts we’ve learned from dealers in the 43 years we’ve been an association.

Just kidding ... you’re going to experience the “why” through my lens.

Hi, I’m Katie Eichelberger, Program Marketing Coordinator for the MRAA.

There’s something you should know about me. Being a “creative,” I am not a huge numbers person (shocking I know). I warn you because that means the following statements cannot be backed up by some outrageous percentage that will blow your mind. (Although, I’m sure those at the MRAA who are way more numbers-driven will end up sending some my way to share with you after posting this.)

What I can say though is that after my first year at the conference, I remember saying to myself with a huge smile on my face that it was so much more than I ever imagined. (This is coming from the one who markets the thing and had been living and breathing it every day for months leading up to it.) Ya’ll. The dealer community (that’s you) is amazing. In case you didn’t know.

While the three days included a lot of running around for me, there were many times both in 2017 and 2018 when I got to take a step back and observe. And what I observed were dealers taking vigorous notes in the sessions, asking questions to fellow dealers and experts, hugging their dealer buddies, shaking hands with partners (current and new) in the expo hall, and smiling generously upon asking what they thought of the conference. (I am the creepy one that walks up to you to force you in front of a camera to find out what brought you and what you thought.)

I had no idea when I walked in that it would feel like a big family. And that’s exactly how I explain it to my family ... who think being a marketing person for an association for boat dealers means I work on a boat and listen to Jimmy Buffet all day. My point is, if you see yourself fitting into one of the situations I mentioned above, you’re going to love Dealer Week. And if you don’t, we’ll make it right.

I personally would love to see you at Dealer Week 2019. And capture your story on camera ... because naturally.

Questions? Let me tell you about my first year and why I think Dealer Week is going to be even greater. Call me at 763-333-2423 or by email at .

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