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Why Mastermind Groups?

Updated: May 25, 2022

The simple answer for why mastermind groups is that many of you WANT to take action to implement some of the key takeaways from Dealer Week (workforce, pre-owned and service efficiency & profitability being the top items), but you struggle to make time for it and to hold yourselves accountable for outcomes, given the busy day-to-day responsibilities you have.

The Mastermind Groups are a way to combat this challenge you might have. Mastermind groups will provide you with the support, structure, expert guidance and best practices that can help you achieve your goals for progress in these areas, while plugging you into other dealers who are working on the same areas of your respective businesses.

Here are the options for participation!

  1. Workforce development -- Including topics like recruiting, hiring, onboarding, creating a culture of accountability, coaching and mentoring; and training and development. Led by Master Facilitator Jim Million. Learn more and register here.

  2. Pre-owned boat business -- Including topics like strategies for acquisition, buying right, pricing, reconditioning, marketing and selling right. Led by Leading Dealership Consultant Bob McCann. Learn more and register here.

  3. Service department efficiency and profitability -- Including topics like service flow and efficiency, customer engagement and retention, customer communication and sales, service's role in pre-owned boat procurement, marketing in service, and service absorption. Led by Veteran Trainer John Greene. Learn more and register here.

And here are the specifics:

  • Our first meetings will be as follows: the Workforce Group will be February 1; the Pre-Owned Boat Group will be February 2; and the Service Group will be February 3rd.

  • The Mastermind Groups will last 6 weeks, during which we’ll meet virtually for two hours every week: 3:00 to 5:00 pm eastern.

  • To kick-off and wrap up each group, MRAA and its facilitators will prepare an email with tips, guidance and resources on the topics you and your fellow dealers discuss in the meetings.

Based on our research and experience with Mastermind Groups, we expect the value of participation in these groups to you and your dealership to truly be off-the-charts. And we can’t wait to get started.

This week is your last chance to save on the group that will keep you accountable and push you even further in your learning! Join aMRAA Mastermind Groups in 2022. Use code MM600 to save $600 until Jan. 1. We welcome questions. Contact Liz Walz at or 315-692-4533.

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