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There are many ways to engage with Dealer Week being online, which is best for your dealership?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You’re in charge. The education team at MRAA could write a book about all the different ways dealers can use the training we provide to improve and grow your dealership. (In fact, we already wrote the first draft. You can find it here.)

The beauty of participating in Dealer Week online is that you and your team have all-new ways to take advantage of the training, tools and connections the event provides.

Here’s how you can tailor your approach:

1. Learn as a Dealership Will there be education sessions that will benefit every employee in your dealership? You bet there will. So, make sure everyone is signed up for the conference, and ask them all to participate in one or more of the sessions at the same time. You may want to close the dealership to the public for the day to allow the entire team to participate. Afterward, throw a pizza party! This is your chance to pull the group together to discuss their key takeaways and what you’ll do individually, as departments, and as a dealership and when to apply what you learned.

2. Learn as a Department Every department in your dealership can benefit from the training offered at Dealer Week, whether you’re working on improving the customer experience you provide; your employee performance and engagement; or the systems, processes and financial contributions you make to the dealership. Make a list of your biggest problems and opportunities to improve, then check out this list of session recommendations based on job title to match your problems and opportunities with sessions at Dealer Week.

3. Learn Individually Some of the training provided will help you meet your goals. Some of it will help those you manage fulfill their performance goals or professional development goals. Create an education plan for the event for yourself and encourage your managers and other team members to do the same. Then, work with those who report to you to help them do the same. These professional development opportunities are a win-win-win. All of those who participate get the chance for professional development, and the resulting growth benefits the dealership and its customers too.

While you can certainly learn alone, you’re never on your own in choosing the best education for you, your team or your dealership. There is nothing our team loves more than helping you design a customized training plan to maximize your results. Please reach out to Liz Walz at

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