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Printable Schedule

This PDF provides dealers with the full Dealer Week schedule so they can see the educational offerings and know how to plan.


Subject line: Why you should attend Dealer Week



The MRAA’s all-new Dealer Week conference and expo is designed to help your business create greater success in the year ahead. Our team believes in this event and in the power of what it has to offer, and we highly recommend that you make plans to attend. Here’s what you can expect to get out of it:

  • Access to world-class educational courses and industry experts

  • Peer-to-peer interaction and idea sharing

  • An in-depth workshop to help you apply what you learn

  • An inspiring keynote session

  • An expo hall packed with business solutions

  • Partners (like us) who will collaborate on your success

  • Educational field trip to explore best practices

  • Much more…


More than 450 dealers across the industry have already signed up for this event, and we encourage you to do the same. Check it all out at www.DealerWeek.com.


Get registered here. 



Download the Microsoft Word version of the letter here:

Subject: You're invited to join us at Dealer Week.




You’re invited.


(INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME) is a (SPONSORSHIP LEVEL) of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and its event, Dealer Week. As the association for marine retailers, they’ve spent time gathering feedback on the biggest pain points faced by dealers. Interestingly enough, although it’s a diverse group, representing different climates and geographies, most of the challenges are shared. We believe that by joining together at Dealer Week, we can tackle those challenges in a way that creates a brighter future for the entire industry.


Dealer Week is an all-new conference experience designed to connect you with resources from expert trainers, solution providers and other dealers.


Join us Dec. 8-11 in Tampa, FL.


For more information about Dealer Week, visit DealerWeek.com.

Download the Microsoft Word version of the letter here:

Soundings Trade Only ran an article in its March issue featuring Dealer Week. This article highlights all the great new things that Dealer Week has to offer and is the best "snapshot" view of what it would be like to attend. This article can be shared through PDF form or by using the link to the digital version of the publication here

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Mike Davin, MRAA's Director of Education, was featured on Boat Dealer Profits podcast with Matt Sellhorst. This podcast serves as a great post for social media or direct email communication explaining what a dealer can expect from this year's reimagined conference experience. 


The MRAA YouTube Channel is filled with all of the promotional videos we have created. Below are links to embed or share the published videos to share with your audiences.

"Welcome to Dealer Week"

"You're Invited to Dealer Week"

Jeff Strong 

Strong's Marine

Carly Poole

Buckeye Marine

Chad Taylor

Taylor's South Shore Marine

Jeff Siems

Blue Springs Marine

Joe Lewis

Mount Dora Boating Center

Joe Lewis

Mount Dora Boating Center

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