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Selling Value and Experience in
the New Economy

Ryan Estis, ImpactEleven

Sales & Marketing Pathway: 

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 5, 12:15pm - 1:45pm 

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:

  • Embrace the change fundamentals required to compete and win in a
    more complex world;

  • Understand the psychology of the customer and DNA of a Top Producer;

  • Determine how to deliver value through the decision cycle to elevate sense
    of urgency and avoid having decisions default to price;

  • Deliver “throw away” presentations that help customers see a compelling vision
    of the future in partnership with you;

  • Master the art of effective storytelling that elevates customer intimacy through proof of concept;

  • Pre-call plan and conduct your own “growth audit” to evolve your “value stack” and meet customers where they are;

  • And understand the importance of action planning for effective time and lead management.


Customer expectations and behavior are evolving faster than most marine sales organizations. This reality is requiring a fundamental shift in the go-to-market strategy of dealerships and radical evolution in your salespeople’s skill and competency.

Today, your sales teams must become more sophisticated so they can earn customer access from a position of expertise. When boat buyers are considering a purchase, they can do most of their research online. Customers are coming into sales conversations with more knowledge and objections than ever before, which mandates a new, value-based and deeply customized approach to the sales experience. Top producers must show up prepared with competitive readiness and the ability to earn customer relationships that can sustain growth into the future.

Through this session, sales teams will emerge eager to embrace the change fundamentals required to win in this constantly changing, more complex world. Sellers will understand how to earn more customer access, position value over price, elevate customer confidence from a position of expertise and drive decisions to close.

Each participant will leave inspired and acutely aware of how to humanize the sales process to build high trust/high value relationships that create partnerships for life.


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