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Attitude: A Multiplying Factor
in Your Sales Success

Jim Million, Million Learning

Sales & Marketing Pathway:

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 6, 3:00pm - 4:30pm 

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how taking control of your attitude will ramp up your sales in any market;

  • Understand first-hand, the power of a positive mental attitude;

  • Gain a system for your own attitude adjustment;

  • And pick up techniques that will help you in sales and in life, no matter what your position.


When your job is on the front lines of the dealership, working with current and prospective customers, it can be tough to stay upbeat in a down market.

You still remember last year when folks walking in the door, picking up the phone and visiting you online couldn't get enough of the boats you were selling. This year has been a different story. And no matter how many economic and market cycles you've been through, hearing "no" doesn't get any easier.

Often, whether you're an owner or manager, a sales veteran or a newbie, you're not aware of how your mindset is communicated to customers and team members in your body language and tone of voice, never mind the words you use to communicate. However, it's critical to gain a deeper awareness and understanding, especially now.

Your attitude can be a significant factor in whether a walk-in customer, phone call, text or email turns into a sale for you ... or for your competition. In addition, it is contagious, influencing those around you and their results.


That's why taking control of your mindset and being a positive influence on your customers and team is so important, regardless of what title you hold. It's simple and yet so powerful in determining your own and your dealership's outcomes, especially in challenging times.


Enter Master Coach and Trainer Jim Million. During his interactive Dealer Week session, Jim will show you proven techniques to take control of your attitude. You'll have the tools to not only create successful interactions with every customer that lead to more sales, but also to influence the team around you, leading to a better trajectory for your career and your business.

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*This session meets one of the 2024 Continuous Certification Requirements for Certified Dealers*

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