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Get Real about Follow-Up
or Get Gone

Jordon Schoolmeester, Garage Composites ​

Sales & Marketing Pathway: 

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 7, 8:30am - 10am

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the importance of following up pre- and post-sale

  • Gain techniques for maintaining your boaters for the future in a low inventory market

  • Discover how to better utilize your CRM

  • And pick-up strategies for improving your salespeople’s skills


You keep hearing about the uncertainty ahead. What’s new, right? We’ve been living a roller coaster of uncertainty for the past three years. 


Well, part of what’s new is that the market – the customers that are yours now and that could be yours in the year ahead – will no longer put up with our lack of follow-up. Other industries have taught them about what to expect before and after the sale, and we had better catch up if we want to successfully ride the wave of 2023. 

Join top-rated Dealer Week educator Jordon “Schooly” Schoolmeester for this deep dive session, where you’ll learn the tools and tactics to be successful with pre-sale and post-sale follow-up in the year ahead. You’ll gain the new insight and guidance you’ll need to follow up on the relationship, not just the boat. 


If you’re like most dealerships, your salespeople have been focused on pre-sale. Or at least they were before the pandemic disrupted their normal. But particularly after the past few years, you have a lot to lose by dropping the ball with post-sale customer communications.  


For your salespeople and your business to thrive in the years ahead, you’ll need to assume responsibility for following up with the people who are already part of your dealership family just as much as those who might want to join it.  

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*This session meets one of the 2023 Continuous Certification Requirements for Certified Dealers

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