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Sales & Marketing Pathway

Hosted by Bob McCann

You want to turn your boat inventory faster, bring in higher quality leads and gain new tactics to nurturing the leads that you already have. You need to transform your sales and marketing strategies for greater ROI. Dealer Week 2023 Sales and Marketing Pathway Sessions will educate you on the best sales and marketing plans to move forward with.

 Tuesday, Dec. 5, 12:15pm - 1:45pm 
Ryan Estis


Customer expectations and behavior are evolving faster than most marine sales organizations. This reality is requiring a fundamental shift in the go-to-market strategy of dealerships and radical evolution in your...SEE MORE

 Tuesday, Dec. 5,  3pm - 430pm 
Jim Million

Million Learning

When your job is on the front lines of the dealership, working with current and prospective customers, it can be tough to stay upbeat in a down market. You still remember last year when folks walking in the door, picking up the phone and visiting you online couldn't...SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  8:30am - 10am 
David Parker

Parker Business Planning, LLC

Whether you're a sales manager, a salesperson or a dealership owner, you know effective boat inventory management practices are key to your individual results, your department's success, and your dealership's profitability and longevity, especially in a softer market...SEE MORE

 Wednesday  11:30am - 12:15pm 
 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  3:30pm - 5pm 
Danny Decker

Danny Decker Marketing

As the economy and marketplace shifts, your need for quality leads that match up with the new and pre-owned inventory in your showroom, on your lot, and on the truck soon to arrive at your dealership feels....SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 7,  8:30 - 10am 
Dom Zappia headshot.jpg
Dom Zappia & Jamison Carrier

Relentless Dealer Services 

Let's face it. More customers today are reluctant to buy than they were this time last year. High interest rates may be stagnating their purchasing decision. Maybe the changing market has...SEE MORE

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