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Get on the A-List for Premium 
Service Success 

Valerie Ziebron, VRZ Consulting 

Service & Parts Pathway: 

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 5, 12:15pm - 1:45pm

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand how becoming an A-List shop benefits everyone at the dealership;

  • Uncover the elements of Premium Service Success;

  • Identify which areas of improvement would most benefit your shop;

  • And learn how to apply the most important elements of "The A-List" in your dealership.


All marine service departments are not created equal, and recent market conditions have driven an even greater divide between the best shops and the rest. Customers and top talent prefer to align themselves with businesses that provide premium service, but how do you get and stay there?

When you're struggling with a lack of resources, staff, and hours in the day, delivering premium service can feel like a pipedream. But what if you could get better insight into what top marine businesses are doing and prioritize differently to get premium results?

During the last few years, veteran service department trainer Valerie Ziebron has been working with marine professionals from across North America to break down the key tangible differences that help top shops excel. How are some shops creating exceptional results in such challenging times? What are they doing differently in management, parts, sales, at the service desk, with support staff and more?

These best practices have been compiled into what we call: “The A-List.” At Dealer Week, you'll receive your own copy of "The A-List". You'll gain expert guidance into which areas of improvement would most benefit your unique situation and how to best apply them in your shop.

Premium marine service is possible – and more important than ever today for the success of everyone in your shop and at your dealership.

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