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Apply Action Leadership in Your
Service & Parts Departments

Kurt von Ahnen

Service & Parts Pathway: 

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 5, 3:30pm - 5pm

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discover tactics for addressing and reducing apathy, confusion, anxiety and

  • even anger in the service and part departments;

  • Understand the key to gaining your team’s trust and respect;

  • Evaluate what areas of work to prioritize to make the most of your time;

  • And gain strategies to improve your communication and leadership.


You know how critical it is for a service department to manage its time in order to truly excel. But that doesn't just apply to your technicians. Look in the mirror for a minute: What about YOUR time? Are you managing yourself and your department – or is it managing you?

Whether you're a service manager, parts manager, shop foreman or service advisor, effective leadership is about the actions you take with the time and resources you have, not the position you hold. What you prioritize as a leader in your dealership has a direct impact on your and your team’s results.

That's why we've invited service expert and author of the book "Action Leadership from the Edge," Kurt von Ahnen, to help you unlock your team's full potential and your own.

Collaborating with your team to maximize your performance can have its challenges, no matter what your circumstances. Perhaps one day you were working should-to-shoulder with someone, and the next day you're their boss. Or maybe you were hired from outside the industry, and now you're in charge of people who know far more about boats and engines than you do.

Regardless of your unique challenges, during this session, you'll gain strategies for gaining your team members' trust and respect, reducing communication issues, and setting priorities to give you confidence you are investing your time in the right areas and to help you raise your effectiveness as a leader. BONUS: Gain a download code for free access to Kurt's book.

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