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Dealer to Dealer Roundtable Discussions

Moderator: Service & Parts Pathway Host, Valerie Ziebron

Service & Parts Pathway:

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 7, 11:30am - 12:15pm  


No matter what your department or job title, you have stubborn problems that you can’t seem to solve and elusive opportunities that are just beyond your reach.


You’re not alone.

Gain the edge you need when you come together with dealership peers from across North America in one of our three Dealer Week Education Pathways to share challenges, solutions and resources. Tap into their collective brainpower and wealth of experience when you sit at the table featuring the topic at the top of your priority list as you strive for success in the year ahead.

Discussion Topics:

  • Recruiting & Hiring

  • Service Efficiency

  • Scheduling

  • Service Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

  • Service Dept. Technology

  • Parts Inventory Management

  • Merchandising

  • Service Quality Control

  • Setting Labor Rates

  • Service Upselling

  • Service Write-Up

  • Service Profitability

  • Parts Profitability

  • Warranty

  • Repair Event Cycle Time

  • Service Follow-Up

  • Training for Service Success


11:30 a.m. Host welcome and overview


11:35 a.m. Participants: Share your No. 1 challenge or opportunity

11:40 a.m. Table-wide discussion


  • What key question can your table-mates answer?

  • What’s working and not working in this area for others?

  • What new strategy or tactic could you try?


12:05 p.m. Share key takeaways


12:15 p.m. Concludes

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