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Service & Parts Pathway

Hosted by Valerie Ziebron

You want to be a soundproof service and parts team that has the resources to reduce your RECT and has the ability to forecast inventory strategically. You need to know the best practices for success to satisfy more customers. Dealer Week 2023 Service and Parts Pathway Sessions will guide you to a more effective service and parts team.

 Tuesday, Dec. 5, 12:15pm - 1:45pm 
Valerie Ziebron

VRZ Consulting

All marine service departments are not created equal, and recent market conditions have driven an even greater divide between the best shops and the rest. Customers and top talent prefer to align themselves with businesses that provide premium service, but how do you get and stay there....SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  8:30am - 10am 
Jim Million

Million Learning

As a dealership service or parts professional, the challenges you and your team are facing have been stacking up. The list of goals you must achieve and work that must be done is longer than ever before, despite a lack of staff, resources and hours in the day...SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  11:30am - 12:15pm 
 Wednesday, Dec. 6, 3pm - 4:30pm 
Steve J revised head shot  4.30.14.jpg
Steve Jones

SJ Consulting

As a service & parts professional, you want your parts department running like a well-oiled machine, efficient and effective. If you can stock the right parts at the right time, you can meet customer – and service department – demands. You know service has a higher fill rate for high-use parts...SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 7, 8am - 10:30am 
Paula Crosbie and Dixie Morrow

PCLM Business Planning

Every day, you and your team face wave after wave of demands in the Service and Parts Departments! And how you handle them is critical. If customers have a bad experience, you may lose them, which impacts not just your department, but the profitability of the entire dealership. So, what’s the secret to successfully navigating them...SEE MORE

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