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Exhibitors: Submit a Thought Leader Video

As a valued member of the marine industry who supports marine retail success at Dealer Week and beyond, we invite you to submit a 10-minute thought leader video, which will be shared with the dealers who attend the event. Submissions are due Nov. 8. 

The MRAA staff will review all videos, and the best of the bunch – those that do the most to advance marine retail success now and in 2021 – will be chosen to be a part of the main Dealer Week agenda.


Here’s how this opportunity works:


  • You pick a topic on which to film a 10-minute “thought leader” video with information and advice that will help dealers solve their biggest problems and make the most of new opportunities.

  • All thought leader videos will have three components (as explained in the downloadable PPT slides available here):

    • Consider This – What unique insight do you have to share with dealers based on your position in the industry and experience? This could be new data you can share, a trend you have observed, or something you have learned in your work/life.

    • What This Means to You – This is where you explain why this insight is important to a dealer and their employees. 

    • My Challenge to You – This is your call to action. What do you challenge dealers to do with the information you just shared with them? BONUS: If you have tools, checklists, processes or other resources dealers can use to carry out your challenge, even better! Share them with us, and we’ll put them in the Dealer Week and MRAA Resource Centers for dealer download.

  • Film your 10-minute video, using the tips in the attached guide, upload it to your Dropbox account or other cloud-based server, and share the link with us on this page as part of the form below.


Please note: This is not meant to be a product pitch (you can add that type of video in your exhibit). Rather, this is your chance to stand out as a thought leader within our industry and share your expertise with the dealers who attend Dealer Week. Last year's thought leaders covered big topics like affordability, workforce engagement, online boat pricing, and preparing for change. 

If you experience issues submitting your video online, email





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