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Exhibitor FAQs

When and where is Dealer Week 2023?

Dealer Week will be hosted on December 4-7, 2023, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.


Travel Info

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Is Exhibitor Registration open for 2023?

Booth selection opens March 6, 2023 for returning exhibitors, and to everyone on March 20, 2023.

Complete your Exhibit Application in our online portal. 

Exhibit/Sponsorship Application requests must be accompanied by a 50% deposit on the total purchase and are subject to approval.

What will my Dealer Week experience be like?

Experience what Dealer Week 2022.

As an exhibitor, what are my options? 

Dealer Week in-person will feature an interactive Expo Hall with networking experiences designed to connect dealers and suppliers with one another. There are various booth sizes, ranging from 10x10 to 40x40. Prices can be found here.

What do I get with my Dealer Week In-Person Booth?

  • 2 Company Personnel Passes

  • A Standard Booth Kit, which includes pipe and drape, ID sign, trash basket, 6x3 skirted table and 2 chairs. 

  • Final attendee registration list

  • Standard company profile within the event mobile app 

  • Access to: All Educational Sessions, networking events, including the Industry Celebration, lunches and the awards celebration. 

What is the move-in schedule for exhibitors?

Move in for most booths is December 4th from 8am-5pm. Large booths with boats, engines, or special equipment will receive an assigned targeted move in time according to their placement within the expo hall and method of material transport. All exhibits have 2 hours, from 8am-10am on opening day (the 5th) where you can finish setting up prior to attendees entering at 10am. Schedule is subject to change. Final schedule will be released in the fall. Please plan your flights and hotels accordingly.

What is the move out schedule?

Move out will begin on December 7th at 12:30pm, NO EARLIER. If exhibitors are found to be moving out earlier, they will be subject to penalty fees or a delayed booth selection slot for the following Dealer Week.

I only have a few things to bring in, do I have to pay the General Service Contractor?

The definition of a POV or Privately Owned Vehicle, is considered to be any vehicle that is primarily designed to transport passengers, not cargo or freight. Examples include pick-ups, passenger vans, taxis, limos, and small box trucks. We exhibitors do not require standard material handling services, so we have made special accommodations for customers with POVs that fit this criteria.

Each vehicle will have a 30 minutes to hand carry their materials into the expo hall from the docks FREE OF CHARGE. If longer than the allotted 30 minutes is required, the contractor will place exhibitor in a designated space to unload without impeding additional work needs for other exhibitors or freight operations. Our team will guide vehicles into the marshalling area, and let full time exhibitors unload their vehicle and hand carry, or roll on a non-mechanized cart to their booth space. The contractor will stage vehicles as close as possible without impeding work space and emergency egress.

If exhibitor needs a forklift or motorized/non-motorized jack service, that would need to be ordered from the contractor at an additional cost. Costs will also be required for a spotter if you wish to drive into the hall.


What sponsorship opportunities are available to support Dealer Week 2023?

Dealer Week offers a number of great ways to promote your business to industry dealers. 


These opportunities include:

Please email Allison Gruhn or call her at 763-333-2419 to discuss

additional options.


Become an MRAA Partner Member MRAA Partner Members receive registration discounts, so if you're interested in becoming a MRAA Member please contact Allison Gruhn at before completing your exhibit application.

Annual dues for MRAA Partnership:

  • Platinum Partner Member $5,000 annually

  • Standard Partner Member $1,500 annually

What is the Exhibitor/Sponsorship Cancellation Policy?

Receipt of a signed Exhibit/Sponsor application is a legally binding agreement to support Dealer Week. Therefore, notification of Exhibit/Sponsor cancellation or reduction must be submitted in writing by electronic, registered or certified mail, with verified confirmation of receipt by MRAA. Refunds will not be given for no-shows. Contracted Exhibitors/Sponsors that cancel or reduce commitments are required to pay the following fees:

  • For cancellation or reduction of agreement on or before October 1, 2023, the Exhibitor/Sponsor will pay 50% of the total contracted fee.

  • For cancellation or reduction of agreement on or after October 2, 2023, the Exhibitor/Sponsor will pay 100% of the total contracted fee.

  • If a company reduces, increases, or cancels their Exhibit/Sponsorship agreement at Dealer Week, the registration badge allowance will be reduced, increased, or forfeited respectively.

  • Exhibitor/Sponsors that reduce their physical booth size on or after October 2, 2023, will be financially responsible for the cost of carpeting and/or creating lounge areas of the square footage not used due to the reduction in the physical booth size and will be subject to booth relocation.

In the unlikely event that the 2023 Dealer Week Conference and Expo in-person event, scheduled for December 4-7, 2023, in Tampa, Florida is cancelled, the event will convert to a virtual only event (exact dates TBD). Contracted Exhibitors/Sponsors would then be presented with the following options:

  • The 50% down-payment received with the Exhibit/Sponsor agreement will be applied toward a virtual exhibit space, and that will account for 100% of the virtual exhibit space fee for 2023.

  • If you submitted an application for larger than a 10x10 booth space, you can defer the balance submitted above and beyond the virtual exhibit space fee toward an exhibit space agreement for the 2024 Dealer Week Conference and Expo in-person event.

  • OR, if you would like to withdraw your 2023 Exhibit/Sponsor agreement (forfeit the virtual exhibit space), we will refund your investment, minus a $150.00 cancellation fee. Notification of Exhibit/Sponsor cancellation must be submitted in writing by electronic, registered, or certified mail, with verified confirmation of receipt by MRAA, no later than October 1, 2023

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