Exhibitor FAQ's

WATCH: Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Dealer Week 2021?

Dealer Week, the annual conference and expo of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas will be hosted on December 6-9, 2021, in Austin, Texas.

In person and online?

Yes, Dealer Week 2021 will have TWO event experiences! MRAA’s focus is on the in-person event, but last year we learned we could reach the widest possible audience by offering an online option. In-person attendees will automatically receive access to the online event. Others can purchase an online-only registration.

What is the movie-in schedule for exhibitors?

Saturday, December 4  from 1:00pm- 6:00pm and Sunday, December 5 from 8:00am-5:00pm are targeted move in days for island booths. All exhibitors are slotted for Monday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Texas Expo will contact you approximately 6-weeks prior to move in to confirm your targeted move in time. 

What will the in-person experience be like?

Dealer Week will be held in a new city, but you can get an idea of the experience by watching this walkthrough of the event in Tampa

As an exhibitor, what are my options? 

Dealer Week in-person will feature an interactive Expo Hall with networking experiences designed to connect dealers and suppliers with one another. MRAA members who purchase in-person booths at Dealer Week will receive a digital booth at Dealer Week online taking place on January 10-13, 2022 at no additional cost. Non-Members can purchase a digital booth for an additional $500. If you would like to exclusively exhibit at a Digital Booth at Dealer Week Online ONLY, the cost is $500. 


What are the costs and benefits to exhibit this year?

In addition to highlighting your products and services within your booth, we have a variety of sponsor opportunities to drive additional engagement and brand awareness.


MRAA Partner Members receive registration discounts, so if you're interested in becoming a MRAA Member please contact Allison Gruhn at allison@mraa.com before completing your exhibit application.

Annual dues for MRAA Partnership:

  • Platinum Partner Member $5,000 annually

  • Standard Partner Member $1,500 annually

To view the full pricing, click here


What do I get with my Dealer Week In-Person Booth?

  • 2 Company Personnel Passes

  • A Standard Booth Kit, which includes pipe and drape, ID sign, trash basket, 6x30 skirted table and 2 chairs. 

  • Final attendee registration list

  • Standard company profile within the event mobile app 

  • Access to: All Educational Sessions, Networking events and Awards Celebrations

What do I get with my Dealer Week Online Digital Booth?

Click here for a breakdown of everything that is included with a Digital Booth. 

Is Exhibitor Registration currently open?

Yes, Dealer Week 2021 Exhibit Registration is open! Click here to complete your Exhibit Application in our online portal. Exhibit/Sponsorship Application requests are subject to approval. Must be accompanied by a 50% deposit on total (check or credit card payment). 

What sponsorship opportunities are available to support Dealer Week 2021?

Dealer Week offers a number of great ways to promote your business to industry dealers.


These opportunities include:

  • Become an Education Champion

  • Sponsor an Educational Pathway

  • Sponsor the Dealer Week Float Plan

  • Sponsor the mobile app, a reception, entertainment or our Passport to Prizes

  • Or, customize your sponsorship! Please contact Allison Gruhn at 763-458-8036 or allison@mraa.com to discuss options.


Can I register for Dealer Week with confidence?

We want you to feel comfortable in securing your exhibit space. MRAA is full-speed ahead on planning our return to an in-person conference and expo this December 6-9, in Austin, Texas. In the event that the in-person event is cancelled, here’s how it will work and the options you will have:

  1. If you put a 50% down payment on a booth for the in-person event, that payment covers the cost of a virtual booth at Dealer Week Online, and you will not be asked to pay any more.

  2. If you reserved larger than a 10x10 booth for the in-person event, we will calculate the base cost of a 10x10 and apply 50% of that towards the cost of a virtual booth at Dealer Week Online, and then you can elect to allocate the remaining funds towards the 2022 Dealer Week in-person event.

  3. OR, if you elect to NOT participate in the Dealer Week Online event, you can elect to have the entire amount refunded.

What is the Exhibitor/Sponsorship Cancellation Policy?

Receipt of a signed Exhibit/Sponsor application is a legally binding agreement to support Dealer Week. Therefore, notification of Exhibit/Sponsor cancellation or reduction must be submitted in writing by electronic, registered or certified mail, with verified confirmation of receipt by MRAA. Refunds will not be given for no-shows. Contracted Exhibitors/Sponsors that cancel or reduce commitments are required to pay the following fees:

  • For cancellation or reduction of agreement on or before October 1, 2021, the Exhibitor/Sponsor will pay 50% of the total contracted fee.

  • For cancellation or reduction of agreement on or after October 2, 2021, the Exhibitor/Sponsor will pay 100% of the total contracted fee. 

  • If a company reduces, increases, or cancels their Exhibit/Sponsorship agreement at Dealer Week, the registration badge allowance will be reduced, increased, or forfeited respectively. 

If the Dealer Week Conference and Expo in-person event scheduled for December 6-9, 2021 in Austin, Texas is cancelled, the event will convert to a virtual only event (exact dates TBD). Contracted Exhibitors/Sponsors will be presented with the following options:

  • The 50% down-payment received with the Exhibit/Sponsor agreement will be applied towards a virtual exhibit space, and that will account for 100% of the virtual exhibit space fee for 2021. 

  • If you submitted an application for larger than a 10x10 booth space, we can defer the balance above the virtual exbibit space fee towards an exhibit space agreement for the 2022 Dealer Week Conference and Expo in-person event. 

  • If you would like to withdraw your 2021 Exhibit/Sponsor agreement (forfeit the virtual exhibit space), we will refund your investment minus a $150.00 cancellation fee. Notification of Exhibit/Sponsor cancellation must be submitted in writing by electronic, registered or certified mail, with verified confirmation of receipt by MRAA, no later than October 1, 2021.

Exhibitor/Sponsors that reduce their physical booth size after October 2, 2021, will be financially responsible for the cost of carpeting and creating lounge areas of the square footage not used due to the reduction in the physical booth size and will be subject to booth relocation.

How can I sign up to receive additional and ongoing information about the show?

Stay up to date on the latest information and sign up to receive email notifications! Submit your information at the bottom of our homepage, or contact Allison Gruhn at 763-458-8036 allison@mraa.com.